Pizza in my ‘hood and the birth of this blog

Telly Halkias

Telly Halkias

Earlier this year, I was sitting in Bonobo in Portland’s West End, munching on a huge bite of pizza while scrolling my smartphone.

Suddenly, a young lady leaned over from the table next to mine and exclaimed:

“I know you! Don’t you write a column in the Daily Sun?”

Trying not to laugh with my mouth stuffed, I nodded.

Then she continued: “I never miss your work; do you blog, too?”

“No, though I try to answer most reader feedback in outlets that carry them, and always answer direct e-mails,” I replied, scarfing down my slice.

“Well,” she wrapped up,”you should blog in the BDN so more people can comment on your column and other stuff. Personal e-mails and letters to the editor and such don’t have a great vibe with my generation.”

And that’s why I’m here in the BDN today.

For a few months I read through many of the blogs here, mostly focusing on the reader comments. It’s a big audience, to be sure.

But it’s also a very savvy one. And growing. And not just Bangor-centric, but statewide. And not just of that pizza gal’s generation, but of all ages and persuasions.

So … I’m looking forward to viewing life – things that matter, especially – through a different lens: sometimes taking you to one of my columns, sometimes asking questions along the way, and then, hopefully, hearing back so we can chat for awhile.

And if you ever happen to be in Portland and see me in Bonobo, please come over and say hi.

Just wait ’til I finish chewing.

Telly Halkias

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Award-winning freelance journalist from Portland's West End. Writes columns, features, and drama reviews for newspapers in Vermont, where he also owns a home, Massachusetts, New York and Maine.. Former weekend columnist at the now defunct Portland Sun. Longtime adjunct professor of college English/history/humanities. Has lived overseas for 15 years, and all over the U.S. Veteran. Small business owner. Published poet. ATCA drama critic. Loves all things outdoors, and Siberian huskies.